Sociocracy in Schools: a research by Wondering School


  • Marianne Osorio
  • Charlie Shread


sociocracy, consent, circle process, open election, double-link


In this article we introduce sociocracy and its 4 main principles: consent, circle process, open election and double-link. We present sociocracy as a democratic governance method which can be implemented alongside any pedagogical approach in schools. Democratic governance (including sociocracy) and student’s autonomy in their learning process are then presented as the two defining principles of a democratic education. Lastly, we list a series of pedagogical devices that are used in democratic schools as a way to support student’s autonomy. Within a democratic governance we point out sociocracy as an inclusive and equitable way of decision-making, as collective decisions are made through the consent of everyone involved. This article is in conjunction with the School Circles film.





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