David Letterman's Guide to Hope and Wholeness Present Past and Future in 10 Easy Flashcards


  • Bruce Novak


Adapted from a presentation at the October 9 th plenary session of the 2021 Holistic Education Conference, Toward Hope and Wholeness, sponsored by the University of Southern Oregon

Author Biography

Bruce Novak

Bruce Novak has devoted his life to making holistic education the democratic norm, and the heart of a deepened democratic life. He helped lead the Holistic Education SIG of the American Educational Research Association for nine years, co-edited the Routledge International Handbook of Holistic Education (2019) with Jack Miller and others, co-wrote (with Jeffrey D. Wilhelm) Teaching Literacy for Love and Wisdom: Being the Book and Being the Change (Teachers College, the National Writing Project, and the National Council of Teachers of English, 2011), and won a 2013 University-Wide Teaching Award at Indiana University of Pennsylvania for bringing the holistic pedagogies of that book to life. Currently he is working on getting "English" renamed as "Soulful Studies" and writing The Opening of the American Heart: The Great Educational Awakening on the Horizon of Democratic Life.






Contributions from the 2021 SOU Holistic Teaching and Learning Conference