Embodying the Mind


  • Tobin Hart


Thought is an embodied experience, yet in contemporary schooling, the body–feelings, sensations, movement, non-linguistic perceptions, etc.–has largely been deemed non-essential. Contemporary neuroscience, cognitive science, and our lived experience recognizes the body as central to knowing, learning and subjectivity. As such, a reunification of body and mind is central to a holistic approach. This chapter will provide current understanding of mind-body unity, locate the importance of felt-sense in human consciousness, provide concept and example of practice for engaging multi-sensory experience, as well as the value of hands-on and place-based approaches to learning, returning the body to school.


Originally published as: Hart, T. (2017). Embodying the Mind. In J. P. Miller, & K. Nigh eds. in Holistic Education: Embodied Learning. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. 299-318.

Used with permission of the publisher who retains all copyright.






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