Aboriginal Pedagogy

Integrity in Academic and Cultural Practice


  • Tyson Yunkaporta


decolonizing education, Aboriginal pedagogy, Indigeneity, education theories


Dr. Yunkaporta offers a possibility for all teachers to reach for holistic education’s full potential, his analysis is specific to his unique Australian Aboriginal culture in a world of diverse cultures. Still, he suggests that it may be useful as a basis for inquiry for all educators, especially allowing Indigenous teachers, scholars and community members to express abstract ideas about customary processes they have previously been unable to articulate in English. This empowering process can result in way to liberate Indigenous teachers and learners, and others, from the colonising heuristics of settler scholarship

Author Biography

Tyson Yunkaporta

Tyson Yunkaporta is an Aboriginal scholar, founder of the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab at Deakin University in Melbourne, and author of Sand Talk. His work focuses on applying Indigenous methods of inquiry to resolve complex issues and explore global crises.