Proven Sustainable Teachings From Indigenous and Maroon Peoples

A Model for Holistic Educators


  • Sox Sperry


Indigenous Peoples, Indigeneity, decolonization, educational resource


This article explores the author’s journey as  founder and curator of Proven Sustainable, a website that shares the voices of Indigenous and Maroon cultures that have managed to live sustainably for hundreds of years. It reveals how this journey and the nature-based Indigenous teachings of the website it led to are an ultimate example of holistic education that should be part of every classroom. 

Author Biography

Sox Sperry

Sox Sperry is the founder and curator of His vocation has been to design and implement structures by which small groups can work collectively to deepen awareness of the role of the individual in family and community. He began his teaching career at the Learning Center, a parent teacher cooperative elementary school in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He went on to co-found the Center for Nonviolence in Fort Wayne where he facilitated nonviolence education classes for adult and teen men. Since 2007 Sox has worked as primary curriculum writer with Project Look Sharp, a media literacy integration initiative at Ithaca College.