It’s in Our DNA!

Holism as an Indigenous Worldview Approach to Happiness


  • Frank Bracho


Holistic Education, Wellness, Interconnectedness, Indigenous Worldview


Frank Bracho of Arawak heritage offers a convincing case that the concept of happiness has more to do with “being” than with “having” and that the Indigenous proclivity to live in accordance with natural laws is the path toward such personal and communal happiness.

Author Biography

Frank Bracho

Frank Bracho is a Venezuelan of Arawak heritage. A passionate Indigenous activist, he is author of numerous books on health, the environment and economics. He was once Venezuela’s ambassador to India and has advised several presidents of Venezuela. He is currently auspicing an international Indigenous People’s conference to be held in a particularly threatened, natural biodiverse country that will express the urgency for bringing Indigenous leadership to the fore before it is too late.