From a Much Deeper Place

‘Indigenous Worlding’ as Next Step in Holistic Education


  • Don Trent Jacobs Wahinkpe Topa (Four Arrows)


Indigenous wisdom, Holistic Education, critical pedagogy, kinship worldview


This chapter introduces ways to deepen implementation and future research relating to  an holistic education that can help us find ways to truly regain balance in our world. Because holistic education has largely been “worlded” into dominant Eurocentric ways of being in the world, it calls for “Indigenous Worlding” as a way to restore the original Indigenous foundation for holistic education.

Author Biography

Don Trent Jacobs Wahinkpe Topa (Four Arrows)

Wahinkpe Topa (Four Arrows), aka Don Trent Jacobs, is an Oglala Lakota Pipe Carrier, made a relative through one of the Lakota’s seven sacred ceremonies, Huŋkápi after completing his Sun Dance vows on Pine Ridge with Rick Two Dogs. Formerly Director of Education at Oglala Lakota College, he is currently a professor with Fielding Graduate University in the School of Leadership Studies. He has authored numerous books, chapters, papers and articles on Indigenous worldview and counter-hegemonic education. Recipient of the Martin Springer Institutes Moral Courage Award for his activism, his most recent co-authored book, Restoring the Kinship Worldview: 28 Indigenous Voices Introduce Worldview Precepts for Rebalancing Life on Planet Earth was selected by UC Berkeley’s Science Center for the Greater Good as one of the top 15 “thought provoking, inspiring and practical” science books of 2022. He lives in Mexico and in Canada with his artist wife and numerous pets.