Chapter 13 of Holistic Education in South America, Bhutan, and The Asia Pacific Network in Holistic Education by John Miller


  • John Miller


This is a chapter from a memoir that describes the journey of John (Jack) Miller.  The book explores how his personal journey is related to the work he has done in holistic education, contemplative education, and spirituality in education.   In holistic education the personal and professional are connected.  Professor Miller’s journey includes events, books, teachers, and the many factors in his life that  have contributed to his work, which includes more than 20 books and extensive travel around the world. An example of the relationship between the personal and the professional is that Jack began meditating in 1974 and this practice has provided the foundation for much of his teaching and writing.

Keywords: holistic education, contemplative education,  spirituality in education,  mindfulness,  embodied learning