Whiteness and Race Matter in Holistic Education


  • Debbie Millon


Debbie Millon has worked for two decades as a Head of School in two different independent holistic/progressive K-8 schools. Her background and training is steeped in the theories, writing, and mentorship of those scholars who are considered to be among the pantheon of holistic education.  Recently her leadership has entered a new chapter and extended well beyond her own school. She has shifted her focus towards leading colleagues and other educators to critically reflect upon issues related to race, equity, privilege and the imperative to de-center whiteness in the fields of progressive and holistic education. Here, Debbie shares some of her thoughts and experiences in doing this important work and concludes that “a holistic education approach that ignores whiteness and racism will be perceived as uninformed, if not irrelevant and racist...we need to be responsive to the ‘needs of evolving human beings’ and an evolving, aching society.”