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HER is proud to announce the publication of Jack Miller’s new memoir:
A Holistic Educator’s Journey: Seeking Wholeness in America, Canada, Japan and Asia.
Find a copy of it here:


Workshop: Introduction to Sociocracy
A holistic governance model that promotes equity

Dynamic Governance, also called Sociocracy, is a self-organizing model of governance that can be implemented at any or all levels of the educational system, from working with students in the classroom to the administrative and policy levels.

When: Saturday, February 26, from 9 am to 2:30 pm (includes 30 minute lunch break)
Cost: $75 for workshop. Participants can receive Southern Oregon University credit for an additional $75.
Location: Zoom (Link to be provided.)
Register on SOU website: 

For more information email course facilitator:

Dr. Renee Owen
Asst Professor, Southern Oregon University


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