Editorial: Broadening the Circle of Holistic Education


  • Renee Owen


The new editors of the Holistic Education Review (HER) summarize the content of the May, 2021 issue in three categories: The past—voices of wisdom; the present—practices in holistic education; and the future—broadening the circle of holistic education. The editors define the latter, broadening the circle, according to two aspirational goals: 1) To be a force for decolonizing education and prioritizing equity in education. 2) To actively promote holistic education in public schools as a social justice agenda, so all children may gain access to an education that honors the whole person, body, mind, and spirit and that fosters social and ecological wellbeing. In particular, the editorial critically examines the risk of holistic education as a pedagogy of privilege if we are not actively engaging in dialogue around social justice. Therefore, the editors invite diverse and emergent holistic educators and scholars to submit articles and engage in dialogue that advances holistic education as education for meaning and social justice.