How It Might Have Been


  • Devona Lone Wolf


Holistic approaches, Western education, Indigenous education, Indigenous worldview


In this short opinion piece, Devona Lone Wolf suggests that the holistic approach to learning that typified Indigenous cultures was a threat to the colonizing interests of the United States federal government. She suggests that our world might not be facing so many global crises if instead of designing boarding schools to force assimilation into the Western worldview, the holistic Indigenous approaches to education would have been invited into American school systems.

Author Biography

Devona Lone Wolf

Dr. Lone Wolf was born in Pine Ridge in 1953 to Flora Curry (Glenn) and Albert Curry Sr. She was orphaned when I was 11 months old when my mother was killed in a car accident. She attended boarding schools thereafter. In 1984 she became a counselor at Oglala Lakota College. Continuing her education, she became a faculty member and Vice-President for Instruction. She currently is OLC’s coordinator for the American Indian Higher Education Consortium and a Student senate advisor