Holistic Ways of Leading Academic Life


  • Ashwani Kumar Mount Saint Vincent University
  • James Caron Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Dudett Kumar St. Francis Xavier University
  • Laurie Cook Acadia University


With an engagement in meditative inquiry, three graduate students and their instructor, autobiographically reflect on a doctoral seminar and their experiences of participating in creativity and relaxation activities. They highlight the importance of a holistic awareness on the mind-body-heart-being connection and physically, emotionally, creatively, and spiritually nurturing the self. The authors emphasize the value and benefits of approaching intellectual work from an integrated being and present creative ideas as an antidote to neoliberal educational curricula and other issues such as fear that impede our work. This paper shows that to balance the demands of academic work one must actively seek out and participate in activities, experiences, and engagements that one enjoys and finds nourishing.