Day 2 Conference Proceedings

Engaging with Meditative Inquiry in Teaching, Learning, and Research


  • Adrian Downey Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Ashwani Kumar
  • Dr Christopher T. McCaw Melbourne Graduate School of Education
  • John Quay Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne
  • Christina Flemming Mount Saint Vincent University; Art/Research International: A Transdisciplinary Journal
  • Susan Brigham Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Diane Obed Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Vikas Baniwal University of Delhi
  • Paul Stemmler Halifax Regional Centre for Education
  • Krista Ritchie Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Krista C. Ritchie Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Rajean Willis Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Dr. Nayha Acharya Dalhousie University
  • Mohamed Kharbach Mount Saint Vincent University; International Society for Research on Identity; Canadian Society for the Study of Education; Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society
  • Michael Cosgrove Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Alexandra (Ali) Barclay Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Dawn Erley Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Carolyn Prest Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Yelena Smith Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Jack J. Ward Mount Saint Vincent University


growth mindset, self-beliefs, meditative inquiry, reflection, queer identity, dialogue, contemplative methods, social work, social justice, trauma, healing


The second day of the conference began with a book contributors’ panel involving scholars, Adrian Downey, Christopher T. McCaw and John Quay, and Christina Flemming, who offered presentations on mindset theory, Buddhist praxis, and letter writing as research. This was followed by a second book contributors’ panel involving Vikas Baniwal, Paul Stemmler and Krista Ritchie, and Rajean Willis, who covered the topics of dialogue, positive psychology, and explorations of trauma. The third panel of the day continued with the book contributors Susan Brigham, Diane Obed, and David Sable, who considered the connections between meditative inquiry and Africentric principles, Indigeneity, and mindfulness. The fourth panel featured Nayha Acharya, Mohamed Kharbach, and Michael Cosgrove, highlighting themes around law and dispute resolution, critical discourse analysis, and the alignment of meditative inquiry and philosophy. Lastly, a teacher’s panel involving Alexandra (Ali) Barclay, Dawn Erley, Carolyn Prest, Yelena Smith, and Jack J. Ward, shared how meditative inquiry is creatively applied in a variety of public-school settings.

Table of Contents

7) Book Contributors’ Panel 1: Reflection, Contemplation, and Meditative Inquiry - Page 2

8) Book Contributors’ Panel 2: Dialogue and Meditative Inquiry - Page 6

9) Book Contributors' Panel 3: Diverse Cultural Perspectives and Meditative Inquiry - Page 10

10) Book Contributors’ Panel 4: Structure, Consciousness, and Change - Page 14

11) Holistic Teachers’ Panel on Meditative Inquiry - Page 21